Dott. Ing. Mario Giovannoni

Personal details:

Born on 05.02.1952

Studio in Portoverde of Misano Adr. (RN)


Degree in Civil Engineering Construction section at the University of Bologna in 1980 and enabled the profession in the same year with the Association of Engineers in the Province of Mantua

Transferred to the order of Engineers in the Province of Rimini at number 238 on 15.10.93

For thirty-five years I have worked in the field of swimming pools. This has also involved working with treated water using the expertise of distinguished consultants and contractors. Partnering with this consolidated joint venture led me to be a good technician in rehabilitation and the spa tubs market very quickly. I also worked with dancing public fountains too.

I passionately prepared myself to deal with consciousness and vitality in the wellness baths market too. The results achieved up to now are also in line with other sectors of interest to me.

With direct connection to eminent physical medicine, athletic trainers and rehabilitation, I reached and keep getting outstanding results in the physiotherapy-rehabilitation and spa tubs field.

I am able to accessorise private pools making them into relaxing hot tubs or playful baths. These are perfect for relaxation and well-being, just as you always dreamed it would be.

I have managed to try out and test new effects, new plants as well as mixing water with fire in the area of dancing fountains. This is a result of my pure passion and perspicacity for what I do.

All installation teams who have worked on my projects are already able to follow their implementation worldwide. We have had positive experiences around the world in countries such as in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Libya, Egypt, Russia, Crimea, Croatia and Azerbaijan.