Professional performance

My experience has been gained by the stimulation of awareness of the countless problems continuously reported by clinical medical skills.

Patient safety, protection of health, the efficiency of the therapist and the expectation of the result against the rehabilitation result were taken into consideration. The difficult environmental management of water and too many borrowing costs of the management of the pool were recurring problems that leading commercial organisations were experiencing. We were continuously looking for ways to solve these problems.

More than 350 projects were turned into executions in recent years which convinced me that even a partial resolution of some issues represented a good outcome for the patient.

Determination for improvement has allowed me to have a relationship with influential powers in the medical field. Through established commercial realities this has led to a long list of references and pre-planning. Approximately 500 jobs make up the layout.

Here is a break down of my professional services:

  • Inspections or Normal Displacements from ACI and Alitalia
  • Estimates
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Renovation Projects
  • Layout or Renovations and Equipment
  • Architectural Design
  • Plant Designs
  • Design Accessories
  • Instrumental Design
  • Special Specifications
  • Drafting Tenders

  • Evaluation Estimates
  • Health Board Reports
  • Reports HARP-HERA
  • Manual Restraint or for Physiotherapy, Swimming Pools, Tubs – Tourist and Public
  • DDLL
  • Consulting or even in distributing Team Builders and Installation Components
  • Expert Reports or Technical Consulting (CPT) on Procedures for Technical Assessments (ATP)
  • Testing or Finals and during Construction